You like BACON? What about CHEESE? How about a Bacon and Cheese loaf?

I am a big fan of bacon AND cheese. Who isn’t!
So it makes sense to use both of them as the main ingredients for my loaf.
I bought a whole lotta bacon, chopped them up and use a whole packet of grated cheese, added some chives … TADA!


Yes I do realise my food photography isn’t up to scratch. This photo does look blurry … Mainly because my camera lens fogged up from the fresh off the oven loaf.

I can assure you tough, it tasted OMG so yummy!


Chicken Curry in my belly!

I had a mad craving for Jamaican curry that B makes for me when I visit her in London. I haven’t been able to find any Jamaican curry powder here so I decided to experiment making curry powder instead of using store bought Indian ones. I bought myself a mortar and pestle and hunted down the spices I require to make the curry powder. Some could easily be found in supermarkets, others I had to hunt around for. Maximum efforts, worth it though!




After an hour to hour and a half of cooking, the chicken meat was luscious and fell off the bones. With all the hunting for ingredients for my curry powder and preparation, I was asked if it was worth all that effort and if I would do it again. Of course it is and I would definitely do it again.

How did I make them?