You like BACON? What about CHEESE? How about a Bacon and Cheese loaf?

I am a big fan of bacon AND cheese. Who isn’t!
So it makes sense to use both of them as the main ingredients for my loaf.
I bought a whole lotta bacon, chopped them up and use a whole packet of grated cheese, added some chives … TADA!


Yes I do realise my food photography isn’t up to scratch. This photo does look blurry … Mainly because my camera lens fogged up from the fresh off the oven loaf.

I can assure you tough, it tasted OMG so yummy!


Almonds? Anyone for a bit of flourless almond coconut cake bread?

Almonds … Where do I begin. I eat almonds for snacks, drink almond milk, use almond milk in my smoothies, teas and coffees (yes I do!), make almond puddings.

So, may I present to you my first almond coconut cake bread thing yay!