Smoothie … Yummy smoothie

I’ve been into my smoothie lately. I bought a nifty little blender and been making smoothies for breakfast everyday. They’re also great for after workout!

This one is made with banana, avocado, kale, LSA, chia seeds, maca and almond milk.




You like BACON? What about CHEESE? How about a Bacon and Cheese loaf?

I am a big fan of bacon AND cheese. Who isn’t!
So it makes sense to use both of them as the main ingredients for my loaf.
I bought a whole lotta bacon, chopped them up and use a whole packet of grated cheese, added some chives … TADA!


Yes I do realise my food photography isn’t up to scratch. This photo does look blurry … Mainly because my camera lens fogged up from the fresh off the oven loaf.

I can assure you tough, it tasted OMG so yummy!