Smoothie … Yummy smoothie

I’ve been into my smoothie lately. I bought a nifty little blender and been making smoothies for breakfast everyday. They’re also great for after workout!

This one is made with banana, avocado, kale, LSA, chia seeds, maca and almond milk.




You like BACON? What about CHEESE? How about a Bacon and Cheese loaf?

I am a big fan of bacon AND cheese. Who isn’t!
So it makes sense to use both of them as the main ingredients for my loaf.
I bought a whole lotta bacon, chopped them up and use a whole packet of grated cheese, added some chives … TADA!


Yes I do realise my food photography isn’t up to scratch. This photo does look blurry … Mainly because my camera lens fogged up from the fresh off the oven loaf.

I can assure you tough, it tasted OMG so yummy!

Chicken Curry in my belly!

I had a mad craving for Jamaican curry that B makes for me when I visit her in London. I haven’t been able to find any Jamaican curry powder here so I decided to experiment making curry powder instead of using store bought Indian ones. I bought myself a mortar and pestle and hunted down the spices I require to make the curry powder. Some could easily be found in supermarkets, others I had to hunt around for. Maximum efforts, worth it though!




After an hour to hour and a half of cooking, the chicken meat was luscious and fell off the bones. With all the hunting for ingredients for my curry powder and preparation, I was asked if it was worth all that effort and if I would do it again. Of course it is and I would definitely do it again.

How did I make them?

Nasi Lemak!

Hooray! I’ve been treated to a home-made Malaysian dish – Nasi Lemak!

One of the Malaysian ladies made this and brought into work for our lunch. She explained that this is a popular dish in Malaysia and that Malaysians eat this for breakfast.

This Nasi Lemak consists of fragrant coconut rice, a piece of fried fish, a piece of fried chicken wing, sambal belacan, roasted peanuts, roasted anchovies, a hard boiled egg and pickled vegetables and cucumber slices.


It’s like a flavour explosion with all the different elements of the dish working so well together. Oh jeez, I could eat this all day!